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PressNomics Conference 2019 in Tucson Arizona

PressNomics 6 exceeded my expectations

By monique | Sep 22, 2019

In September 2019, I got the opportunity to attend PressNomics conference in Tucson, Arizona, because I won the Gravity View Diversity Grant. Although I didn’t know what to expect, it did exceed my expectations. But there’s room for improvement too. What is PressNomics? PressNomics is a business and WordPress focussed conference. In 2019, it was…

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How to make a WordPress website accessible in Gutenberg

How do you make a WordPress website accessible in Gutenberg? (And win an award for it!)

By monique | Dec 19, 2018

The website for was the winner of the first edition of the Automattic Design Award 2018 for the category ‘Best Site’. I interviewed Luc Princen, the developer for this project.

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WordCamp Nijmegen – it’s all about the speed of your website

By monique | Sep 6, 2018

Another WordPress congress? People who follow me a bit, know that I have been visiting WordPress Congresses (or WordCamps) for a number of years now. A few weeks ago I was in Brighton and from 30th of August to the 1st of September, WordCamp Nijmegen was organized for the second time. The common thread for me this time was the importance of the speed of your website.

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Work for WordPress for free, why would you do that?

Why would you work for WordPress for free?

By monique | Jul 10, 2018

At WordCamp Europe I volunteered as a design table lead. But why would you work for WordPress for free? And what do you get in return?

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GDPR plugins for WordPress

GDPR plugins for WordPress that help you setting up your privacy policy

By monique | Jun 26, 2018

When you look at the WordPress plugin directory, you’ll find a lot of GDPR plugins for WordPress that help you set up your privacy policy. We tested several WordPress plugins that were developed for the new privacy law.

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usability of WP-admin

Dear WordPress community, we’ve turned WP-admin into a monster!

By monique | Oct 31, 2017

This blogpost is the written version of a talk I did at WordCamp Nijmegen, September 2017. It’s covers research on the usability of WP-admin.

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Time management for social media

Time management for Social Media

By monique | Apr 20, 2017

Source: Rignite

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Image: "You know, my boyfriend organises his books by colour"

Speaking at WordCamp London 2017

By monique | Mar 20, 2017

From 17 – 19 March 2017, I attended WordCamp London, and it was special: it was my first time as a speaker on such an event! The subject of my talk was: The importance of Information Architecture: how to organise your content to improve user experience In this 30 minute talk, I discussed 4 main…

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