How I work

BOE!media are more than web designers. We have lots of knowledge and expertise on all aspects of digital strategy, that will help your organisation grow.


I will ask you questions to find out why you need a new website and what your exact goals are. Be prepared for questions, lots of questions. This may make you feel a little bit out of your comfort zone. When this doesn't happen, I probably didn't do my work well.


As soon as I've received all the necessary information, I'll start structuring your website's pages. This is called a sitemap. I'll create a visual display of your website's structure, to make sure we're on the same page about what we want to communicate and which information architecture fits best.


Images say more than words. So instead of describing what I'm going to build for you, hoping you'll understand all jargon, I'm going to build an online interactive prototype. This prototype will help you understand the working of the solution I've developed for your website.

Don't expect any visual or graphical design at this stage, it won't be pretty yet. But to get there from here, this is only a small step.

The design

This is going to be the fun part. Because in the design phase, we're going to work with colour and images to bring the prototype to live and adjust it to your branding.


At last, we'll go hide for a few weeks to get all functionality working and test it before your website goes live and is visible to the world.

Are you ready?