About BOE!media

BOE!media was established by Monique Dubbelman. She has over 25 years of experience as a graphical designer, project manager and web designer. She's also a lecturer and public speaker at international conferences.

As of 2011, she builds professional websites with WordPress. Over the years, BOE!media specialised in designing user friendly websites with a focus on strategy, content and the end user.

Together with a flexible team of developers, copy writers, photographers and other specialists, BOE!media builds custom websites for starters, independents, SME's and the non-profit sector.

Monique joined the WordPress design team in January 2018 and works on developing and improving the software on a voluntary basis.

WordPress SEO specialist Monique Dubbelman BOE!media

Monique Dubbelman

Content Strategist, UX Designer, Project Manager

Meet the team

For larger projects, BOE!media joins forces with a flexible team of professional software developers, copy writers, illustrators, photographers and designers.